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The article I chosen was found by viewing a video from Nine Msn at the following link - An article was also found at the following link -
Title: “Brutal brawl-Sydney teen arrested for shocking attack on defenceless girl”.
Summary: Six teenage girls attacked a 13 year old girl at a train station in Sydney last week.
Language used: Words used in this article, such as “defenceless”, “shocking”, “helpless teenager”, and “cowers”, help to construct an emotionally engaging news story. These words play on the audience’s sense of sympathy for the innocent or vulnerable victim and her heroic friend against these unknown group (or ‘gang’) that disregarded a seemingly public area of a suburban train station.
Deconstruct the article
News values:
Timeliness- this incident in the recent week.
Impact- Occurred in Sydney, so affects Australians. In a train station, so impacts those who use public transport or those who know people who do. Also as it was a crime by high school students it insinuates that crime is prominent or possible near school districts or where young adolescences gather hence affecting those in most suburban areas across Australia.
Proximity- geographically relevant as above.
Novelty- it is likely more common to hear stories about adults or male groups being the perpetrators so a crime story of 6 females being physically violent is novel. Women are more known for verbal unkindness.
Conflict- group dynamic, 6 girls aged 16 and one girl aged 13 involved.
Contemporaneousness- the video stated that mobile cameras capturing violence like this is becoming more common and the extreme extent of bullying recently has become apparent.
Human interest- not focused on in the article but it was mentioned that a friend of the 13 year old victim at one point tried to cover her body from the attack. This heroic action could have incited emotional triggers in some.
Media crime frames:
I’m not confident about this subject yet. Can I use more than one frame? If so the two that I feel best represent this article are ‘Social Breakdown Frame’ and ‘Violent Media Frame’.
‘Social Breakdown Frame’ – the way women and teenagers act has changes in the last 10 years. The social norms of fighting and violent group dynamics is new.
‘Violent Media Frame’ - with social media and hand held phones means more and more teenagers are exposed to violent footage (everybody is doing it so its ok? Type of thinking) also bullying or small altercations can escalate quickly.
Does it perpetuate a myth about crime: the beginning of the video states that these types of crimes are “increasingly on the rise”. Is it though? They don’t provide any evidence or statistics for this claim.

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