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Decribe Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, and Soical Development

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Unit 4: Development through the life stages for Health and Social Care

P1 – Describe Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social development for each of the life stages of an individual

This assignment will describe the different factors of development throughout stages of life, beginning from contraception through to the final stages of life. It will highlight the four factors like, Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social development.

Conception –
This is the stage where life is made and is done so when a male sperm fertilises the female egg this normally happens in the fallopian tube after insemination at this point the fertilised egg makes it way to the uterus (womb) this is when the stage is called pregnancy. Millions of sperm are ejaculated by a man during orgasm, just one sperm is needed to fertilise the egg. In some cases the ovary can release more than one egg, dependant on how many eggs will be fertilised will determine the number of embryo’s this could be anything from twins to eightuplets.

As this is the initial stage of life there is not much physical development within this stage only of when the sperm intergrades with the egg and creates the embryo. Dependent of the chromosome will determine the baby’s sex. If the male’s sperm delivers an X chromosome then the child will be a baby girl but if a Y chromosome is delivered then this will produce a baby boy. This is the only physical change that takes at this stage.

No intellectual development takes place at this stage but happens throughout the next stage of pregnancy.

Pretty much the same at this stage not much development take place as this is the initial stage.

This stage is also non-development.

Pregnancy –
This is the process in which the female human carries a live offspring from conception until childbirth. Trimesters are the different...

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