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Decsisions in Paradise Part 3

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Decisions in Paradise Part 3
January 9, 2011

We think of tropical destinations as a paradise not Kava. Kava is in a South Pacific Island that is facing hardship and has many challenges that need to be met in order for the residence to grow. They have asked A & E disaster corporation help in the process. The company I work for will determine how it will build this disaster stricken country. We will identify the problems; define criteria, goals, and objectives. In this paper I will discuss the problems that we will encounter during the decision making process and how to resolve them. I will also discuss organizational processes, human resources, and ethics within the company. Decision making is important for A& E Recovery Corporation and there are many tools, techniques, and knowledge that can apply when making choices on decisions and alternatives. Within two weeks of finishing my degree in business management, I was hired at A& E Disaster Corporation as an assistant to director of strategic planning. The director of strategic planning is Alex. The company requires me to travel for my first assignment. Upon arriving in Kava I noticed the community was a mess. I meet my supervisor Alex; he told me that Kava was in great need of assistance. I have identified the following problems. The island is located in the path of many potential natural disasters that threaten the infrastructure, crops, and livelihood of the people. The disasters include hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, and even H.I.V. The population is also a problem; fifty percent of the population is under fifteen. In addition there are many cultures, religions, and languages. Then there is the issue with helping organizations such as the local, state, and national government, faith-based groups, and businesses. The company’s criteria are to provide high...

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