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Decussion Questions Week 1

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January 26, 2012

1. What is management? Why is management necessary? How do you think management has evolved? * Management in business and organization is to get people and other desired machines or systems together to achieve a certain goal. * Management is necessary in order to maintain order with in an establishment. * Management has evolved because of technology. There are so many ways that you can use technology to track your company, employees and inventory. The size of companies has become globalized. 2. What are the four functions of management? What do the four functions of management have in common? How do managers at different levels apply the four functions of management? * The four functions of management are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. * These management functions are common to all managers at different levels in organizational hierarchy. However, the importance and of each of these function and the effort managers need to put in, is influenced significantly by the hierarchical level of managers * Top-management: This refers to the top one or two hierarchical levels in the organization structure. Managers at these levels have responsibilities for the total organizational performance covering multiple business activities. * Middle-management: These are the managers between the top- and first-level management. They generally do not have the responsibility for more than one type of business activity, and even within that may be responsible for only a segment of the total work in the organization. * First-level-management: They are at the lowest one or two levels of management hierarchy. They are the people responsible for directly supervising the work of operational staff, and form a link between them and the management. 3. How do the four functions of management affect...

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