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Dedumdoos Argumentative Essay

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No Title “Attention! Attention students” That is my squeaky old teacher. She is about 400 years old and teaches us about humans and their cultures. Today though we are talking alien history, well fairy tale history. Most of us DeDumDeDoos think that the fairy tales are wrong for we believe the globes, suns, and satellites started mathematically. My teacher on the other hand believes that mathematics has nothing to do with creation or anything but the present. She fully believes in the fairy tales with her whole heart. I personally don’t believe in these silly tales but they do tell a big part of our culture and before you can hear my story you must learn our history.

The Beginning? Here me out on this, I know it’s confusing but before …show more content…
They keep experimenting and our population became overpopulated. It became so populated that we had war in between types of our species, there was mass murder. DeDumDeDoos changed their names and moved away (that’s how some alien races started) because of all the fighting. Eventually in a year that even I couldn’t name the Confederation of DeDumDeDoos made a treaty saying that if any DeDumDeDoos ever fought they would bring their case to their elders, and if they still couldn’t solve it bring it to the Confederation who would vote on a decision. And to help prevent fighting the Confederacy decided we would branch out and explore. Some left for scientific reasons, others left for “gold rushes,” and some just wanted to have some fun. Of course we have historians and culture keepers who help keep history alive. Some even live or act the way we originally lived. Wars have still, and have broke out, sometimes between other races, sometimes with other DeDumDeDoos even with all the precaution. Exploration of space has helped though; there are many different types of DeDumDeDoos, we have helped advance other races, we have found better ways of living, we have advanced our pops, and as you could see many more. One day I hope to explore the Milky Way some more, or even visit unknown universes (to humankind at

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