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Deed of Sale of Property

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DEED OF SALE THIS DEED OF SALE is made this 25th day of November. 2014 BETWEEN HASSAN KACHALLA of College of Administrative and Business Studies potiskum, Potiskum Local Government Area, Yobe State [hereinafter referred to as ‘THE VENDOR’ which expression shall include His Heirs, Personal Representatives & Assigns] of the one part. AND MUSA SULEIMAN of Masakan Makafi Bolewa A Ward Potiskum, Potiskum Local Government Area, Yobe State [hereinafter referred to as ‘THE PURCHASER’ which expression shall include his Heirs, Personal Representatives & Assigns] of the other part.
1] The Vendor is the owner of all that developed residential house measuring 450sqm, covered by Customary Right of Occupancy No. 002023 dated 19/3/2008 issued by Potiskum Local Government Counsel in favor of the vendor. The house is hereinafter referred to as ‘’THE PROPERTY’’.
2] The property is fenced containing a four bedroom flat, a fish pond, a single room and a gate, lying and situate at Malo Garba Street, Tudun Wada layout Potiskum, Yobe State.
3} The Purchaser, under power of attorney donated him by the heirs of late Alhaji Malinta Mohammed dated 24|11|2014 is willing to purchase the property for the sole benefit of the heirs named in the power of attorney.
3] Now the vendor desires to sell the property to the purchaser for a consideration of Two Million and Three Hundred Thousand Naira [#2,300,000:00] only free from any encumbrance.
NOW IT IS HEREBY AGREED AS FOLLOWS;- a] The property is free from any encumbrance, b] The vendor has a good title to transfer in the property, c] The vendor undertakes to assist the purchaser or sign any document that may be brought by the purchaser to perfect the purchaser’s title over the property. c] The vendor further undertakes to indemnify the purchaser to the cost of the property, if it is later discovered that the vendor did not transfer good title to the purchaser abinitio.
In pursuance to this agreement and in consideration of the payment of the aforesaid sum of #2,300,000:00 now paid unto the vendor by the purchaser [the receipt of which the vendor hereby acknowledged] the vendor doth hereby transfer and or assign all his rights and interest in and over the property to the purchaser free from any encumbrance.
All original documents in respect of the property in possession of the vendor have been handed over to the purchaser. IN WITNESS WHEREOF THE PARTIES have set their respective hands & seals the day and year first above written
BY THE WITHIN NAMED VENDOR ---------------------------------in the presence of
Name …………………………………………………………………..


BY THE WITHIN NAMED PURCHASER -----------------------------------
In the presence of
Name ………………………………………………

Name ………………………………………………
Occupation…………………………………………. Prepared by
Address………………………………………………. A.Abdullahi Esq
Signature…………………………………………….. A. Abdullahi & Co No. 153 Ahmadu Bello way potiskum Yobe State.

Dated this 25th Day of November, 2014.

Prepared by
A.Abdullahi Esq
A. Abdullahi & Co
No. 153 Ahmadu Bello way potiskum
Yobe State.

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