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SQL is divided into the following

Data Definition Language (DDL)

Data Manipulation Language (DML)

Data Retrieval Language (DRL)

Transaction Control Language (TCL)

Data Control Language (DCL)

DDL -- create, alter, drop, truncate, rename
DML -- insert, update, delete
DRL -- select
TCL -- commit, rollback, savepoint
DCL -- grant, revoke
Create table (col1 datatype1, col2 datatype2 …coln datatypen);

create table student (no number (2), name varchar (10), marks number (3));

This will be used to insert the records into table.
We have two methods to insert.


By value method
By address method


Syntax: insert into (table_name) values (value1, value2, value3 …. Valuen);

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insert into student values (1, ’sudha’, 100);


insert into student values (2, ’saketh’, 200);

To insert a new record again you have to type entire insert command, if there are lot of records this will be difficult.
This will be avoided by using address method.


Syntax: insert into (table_name) values (&col1, &col2, &col3 …. &coln);
This will prompt you for the values but for every insert you have to use forward slash.

insert into student values (&no, '&name', &marks);

Enter value for no: 1
Enter value for name: Jagan
Enter value for marks: 300 old new


1: insert into student values(&no, '&name', &marks)
1: insert into student values(1, 'Jagan', 300)

Enter value for no: 2
Enter value for name: Naren
Enter value for marks: 400 old new

1: insert into student values(&no, '&name', &marks)
1: insert into student values(2, 'Naren', 400)


Syntax: insert into...

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