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Deer hunting is something that a lot of people like to do. It is a time for guys and gals to relax and listen to the outdoors all around. There are too many deer and too many accidents in the midwest. Deer population could be reduced by having a longer shotgun season, so the population can reduce the vehicle accident cost, medical cost, by establishing new ideas on how motorists can avoid vehicle/deer accidents . In 1997 the Virginia Department Of Transportation recorded around 600 crashes between vehicles and deer. Then in 1998 it jumped up to 4000. insurance and law enforcement officials said the actual car deer collisions could be somewhere between 10 and 20 thousand in the United States. Insurance industry estimates there are half a million car deer accidents annually. The average cost an insurance company pays per claim is 2000. (HUNTING TO SOLUTION THE DEER BOOM PG2)
In one year 2012, there were 1.29 million deer car collisions and they cost about $4 billion on car repairs. the average costs for the collisions are around $3,305. In this article from Insurance Journal, it states that vehicle deer collisions from july 2011 until june 30, …show more content…
The second state is Montana with a 1/63 chance. In Iowa , people have a chance of hitting a deer at 1 out of 68 vehicles. In Pennsylvania, they rank 4th with a 1 out of 70 and in South Dakota a person has a chance of a deer collision is 1 out of 73. These are the top five states that are the worst for deer and vehicle crashes. Deer and car wrecks happen more often from October through January, because the deer are migrating and mating. There are more deer moving more at this time, so that causes more deer car wrecks. In the USA Today article, a biologist said, “Males are forced on mating they’re thinking straight found says they’re looking for mates and other males to fight.” (rice, doyle pg

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