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Deere and Co. Swot Analysis

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Swot Analysis of John Deere
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Company Profile
John Deere (Deere & Company — NYSE: DE) is a world leader in providing technologically advanced machinery for agriculture, forestry, construction, lawn and turf care, and all sorts of landscaping. John Deere also provides financial services worldwide. Deere & Company as it is known on the New York Stock Exchange manufactures and markets heavy machinery and engines used in heavy equipment. The company was founded by a blacksmith named John Deere. John Deere moved from Vermont to Illinois and immediately set up a blacksmith shop in 1837. John Deere developed a better plow for the tougher soil found in the Midwest and from there John Deere was established. Today John Deere Construction & Forestry produces more than 120 machine models and distributes its construction, forestry and worksite products through a network of more than 1,300 dealer locations worldwide. The company employs more than 50,000 people worldwide.
John Deere’s Mission Statement as listed on their homepage website. It is listed as a Strategy Statement. We aspire to distinctively serve customers — those linked to the land — through a great business, a business as great as our products. To achieve this aspiration, our strategy is: * Exceptional operating performance * Disciplined SVA growth * Aligned high-performance teamwork Execution of this strategy creates the distinctive John Deere Experience that ultimately propels a great business and, for all with a stake in our success, delivers...Performance That Endures |

| |

SWOT Analysis of John Deere

Strengths * Highly recognized and respected brand * Market dominance for heavy equipment and machinery | Weaknesses * High prices * Less profit in non agricultural products | Opportunities * John Deere Credit * Wind Technology Portfolio | Threats * Caterpillar * Weaker economies worldwide * Seasonal Business of agriculture |

Company Strengths

Highly recognized and respected brand

John Deere has established itself as the leader in agricultural products worldwide since

the 1960s. John Deere green has become a color. Easy to recognize and distinguish itself from

the competition. Marketing slogan on television commercials effectively ties in the logo with

the company, “Nothing runs like a Deere”.

According to Encyclopedia Brittanica Online there was a surge in

tractor sales in Ireland in 2006 and the sales leader was John Deere. This leadership in sales

demonstrates the market dominance of the John Deere brand.

Company Weaknesses

High Prices/Less profit in non agricultural products

John Deere tractors and other equipment are generally priced higher than other

equipment. John Deere brand pressure washers at Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse

costs 30 to 50 percent more than Troy Built brand pressure washers. Lawn tractors and

lawnmowers also command a price premium over the competition. The brand has become

more expensive only because it is John Deere. Similar performance and similar specifications

for products with only difference being price has caused a lot of buyers to opt for the lower

cost brand.

Products that are not related to agriculture and can be substituted with a lower cost

brand has lead to lower sales in those areas. If a customer really needs something and it does

not have to match his green tractor then they will probably buy the lower cost item. This has

led to less profit in non agricultural products.


John Deere Credit/ Wind Technology Offering clients loans directly through John Deere Credit has increased

revenue for the company. Financing of expensive farm equipment contributes extra income

to John Deere Credit. The tractors and combines that farmers buy are very expensive, a new

combine can cost in excess of $200,00.00. Customers who buy the machinery don’t have to

go to their bank. They can usually get better finance rates through John Deere Credit. This

eliminates third party financing and increases the bottom line for John Deere.

According to John Deere has hired Goldman Sachs Group this past

month, February 25, 2010, to conduct a review of the wind farms that the company owns.

A possible sale of the wind farm portfolio could earn John Deere about 1 Billion dollars.


Caterpillar/Weaker Economy/Seasonal Business

Caterpillar manufactures heavy construction equipment. They do not build agricultural

tractors but they do build a lot of bulldozers and backhoes that are used in general

construction. Some heavy equipment that both John Deere and Caterpillar build for

construction is similar in specifications. Some forestry machinery is also very similar.

This could be seen as a threat to compete for limited budgets that would purchase heavy

construction equipment if Caterpillar has lowers prices and offers rebates.

Weaker economies not just in America but worldwide have slowed the purchases of

heavy machinery. This has led to some consolidation and less sales. Another threat to John

Deere is the seasonal nature of the agricultural business. Combines are not harvesting daily.

They only work when the crops are ready to be harvested. Tractors only plow and seed in the

beginning of the growing season.


John Deere, Deer and Company is the world leader in tractor sales. They have

expanded into a lot of different countries. I think that by offering rebates when buying some

of their products or when buying more than one product, they can turn their high price

weakness to be more of a strength because they will not only sell more but sell more to the

same customers.

I believe that given the opportunity I would enjoy working at John Deere.

The company has been around for almost two hundred years. The products that they

manufacture can be seen as soon as one drives south, east, west or north of our urban living

area. In some parts of our urban area they can be seen working in strawberry fields and lettuce

patches. I personally have always enjoyed watching how these marvelous machines work and

provide food for our enjoyment and survival.


Attou, Marti “American Innovator,Agricultural Icon”

“John Deere” March 2010 Malone, Scott “Deere Considers sale of $1 bln wind portfolio”
February 25,2010 http://money.cnn.c om/news/newsfeeds/articles/reuters/MTFH66898_2010-02-25_16-12-43_N2598967.htm

O’keefe, Matt “Irish Farmers Monthly” January 2007

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