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What is a hero?

Superman and Wonder Woman are common figures that may pop into a person mind when they think of someone who may be considered a hero. Superman and Wonder Woman saved cities and defeated villains on a daily basis, which by definition would most definitely make them heroes. However, in the non-fictional world what would define a hero? Does an individual have to wear a cape and fly over cities using their superpowers, and risking their lives for the good of mankind in order to be considered a hero? Living in the non-fictional world hero’s exhibit much different characteristics and super powers. A person may sacrifice his own safety or life in order to save or better the lives of others, this would be the act of a hero. A hero is an individual that is courageous, brave, loyal, and selfless in a way that they are continually sacrificing their own needs and well-being for the best interest of others.
A hero is an individual that is courageous and brave. Having the ability to face adversity, pain, and danger without fear of hesitation is courage and bravery. Throughout history there are numerous brave hero’s that didn’t wear a cape in order to save the day, Martin Luther King, Jr. is the epitome of a courageous and brave hero. In an article written in the Seattle Times, King is described as “the stoic who faced injury and death before howling mobs, and the single figure of his period and ours able to articulate to whites what blacks wanted and to black what would be expected if freedom’s prize was won (Bond).” Martin Luther King, Jr. made many sacrifices and faced many adversities defending his beliefs against segregation and racism. His actions also played a monumental role in the Civil Rights Movement. In “The Train from Hate” written by John Hope Franklin, it shows us a much more subtle, courageous and brave hero than one we are used to hearing…...

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... 2013212174 Ruby A Hero In My Eyes As we all know,it’s difficult for a person to make great contributions to countries under difficult circumstances.Bob Dylan also claims that a hero is someone who understands the degree of responsibility that comes with his freedom.One person I know can do these,he is my hero whose name is Qian Xuesen. I am a susceptible girl so that I can’t do anything well when surrounded by noises,people and other obstacle.It’s difficult for me to concentrate my attention to do things well.Last moment I met this problem,Qian would turn up in my mind. Then,I could feel him sitting beside me and telling me his story.Qian said:“When I was in American, the United States government accused me of having communist sympathies,but I want to return to China to develop the rocketry.”He also said that once,an overseas Chinese asked him:“Why do you want to come back to China under this difficult circumstance?”He answered:“I want to serve the Chinese who are still in poverty and I want to rebuild my motherland which has been damaged in wars.”The overseas Chinese then asked:“Do you think it’s difficult for you to leave this place?”Qian answered:“Of course,U.S. Government set many barriers for me,but I really want to leave.”He told to me:“It’s really difficult for me to leave that place,but I try my best and I succeed in doing this.If a person holds on persistently and has confidence,he will be successful.”I felt that he stroked my...

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