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Defining Diversity


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Defining Diversity

Defining Diversity * To me, diversity encompasses a wide range of elements in which to classify a student population. It includes the obvious such as race/ethnicity, culture, gender, disabilities, and socio-economic status. However, diversity goes so much deeper. Diversity also includes the various cognitive levels in students, the different styles in which they learn, and the various levels of motivation in students. Each of these diversity categories can be evidenced in an educational setting. The impact it has on a school can be positive if it is approached and handled appropriately by the school and its’ teachers. If it is not, it can have very negative effects on the school and the student. Having low expectations and showing bias toward one diverse group over another can have a very negative and lasting impact. It is important to acknowledge that ALL students can achieve if given the motivation and encouragement to do so. According to Janine Bempechat, high achievers in all ethnic groups believed that success was die to hard work. She concluded, “Teachers need to help low achievers understand that poor performance does not result from a lack of ability as much as from lack of trying” (Nieto & Bode, 2008). It is for this reason that it is of utmost importance that teachers convey positive messages to their students. Building self-esteem can be the first step in academic achievement. If students do not believe they have the ability they will get discouraged and little effort will be made to apply themselves. The second and very important aspect in a successful diverse classroom is to set high expectations and goals for all students regardless of their diversity but should be cognizant of the natural developmental differences as they grow. “The researchers found that teachers who modified the curriculum without lowering their expectations of students, and who worked to establish strong teacher-student relationships, were better able to reach their students, even those who came from economically disadvantaged backgrounds” (Nieto & Bode, 2008). This is evidenced profoundly in the movie The Ron Clark Story. In this movie, Ron Clark was hired to teach a group of students with severe behavioral issues who also came from very low socioeconomic homes and very diverse cultures. No one had ever believed in these students. When Ron Clark began teaching them, they were not only the lowest class in the school but also in the district. By the end of the year, against all odds, those students not only passed the state test but also received higher scores than the “high” class. His high expectations, belief in them, and most important, his ability to get them to believe in themselves played a vital role in their academic success. If we could all strive to be “Ron Clarks,” the adversity we face in teaching diverse groups certainly would be minimized. In conclusion, Ron Clark and his story prove for me the definition of diversity. He addresses his students’ diversity in terms of race, gender, culture, disabilities, and socio-economic status. However, he went so much further with his students, which had a profound impact on me. He also addressed the various cognitive levels, the different styles in which they learn, and the vast differences in their motivation levels. He went over and beyond to reach his students. That is the kind of teacher I strive to be. I want to do whatever it takes to not only reach my students, but to instill in them the importance of education and to have a love of learning regardless of their diversity.


Nieto, S., & Bode, P. (2008). Affirming diversity. The sociopolitical context of multicultural education. (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education.

Defining Diversity Assignment - Due Week 1 | Provide a detailed definition of what diversity means to you. Consider general aspects of what diversity entails as well as specific elements of diversity found in educational settings. Write a 350- to 700-word document for the defining diversity section. Support your ideas with evidence and information from outside sources. This paper should be post as a Word attachment in your Individual forum and should adhere to APA 6th edition formatting. Include rubric as the last page of your assignment. | Content and Organization
4 points | Points Earned | Comments: | All key elements of the assignment are covered in a substantive way. * Provide a detailed definition of what diversity means to you. Consider general aspects of what diversity entails as well as specific elements of diversity found in educational settings. * Support your ideas with evidence and information from outside sources. * Include properly formatted cover page and reference page. * Include introduction and conclusion. | 11.75.50 | Kandie , you provided a definition of what diversity means to you, considered general aspects of what diversity entails as well as specific elements of diversity found in educational settings. Your ideas were supported with evidence and information from one outside source. Your introduction and conclusion could have been more clearly written. Your cover page was formatted correctly. Your reference page should be double spaced with first line hanging and others indented. All assignments should be double spaced. The points you considered in your paper were valuable. I enjoyed reading your paper. | Readability and Style
.5 point | Points Earned | Comments: | Use complete, clear, and concise sentences and paragraphs. | .25 | | Avoid jargon, lengthy quotes, and the use of first person. | .25 | | Mechanics
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