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Defining the Humanities

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Defining the Humanities

University of Phoenix

Tara Brigham

HUM/100 Introduction to the Humanities

Professor Marilyn Olander

June 27, 2011

Humanities can be defined as human characteristics or different branches of learning.

Humanities have affected every culture.

One cultural event that I have experienced and I have seen how humanities have

changed it over the years is music. Music that is made and played has evolved as humans

have evolved over the years. The first music was made during the Middle Ages. The first

two types or styles of music were monophonic and polyphonic. The Renaissance period

came next and changed the way music was created and perceived. The Baroque period

came after the Renaissance period. During the Baroque period composers experimented

with different styles and instruments. Classical music came from the Baroque period.

Classical music allowed the composer to tell a story or express his or her feelings through

the music. The Romantic period was next. Composers experimented with different

instruments including wind instruments. The music was more dramatic than any other

time period. After the Romantic period came the 20th century. Music in the 20th century

allowed the composer and artist to use technology to enhance the compositions. And now

in the we have different styles and types of music because of the humanistic of music.

We have country, rap, rhythm & blues, soul, gospel just to name a few styles of music

that is listened to today.

Dance is another cultural event that I have experienced and that has been changed

by humanities. Dance is the movement of the body usually to music. Dance has been

used since the prehistoric days. Dance was a part of ceremony, celebrations, and rituals in

the earliest human civilizations. Dance has developed through the years just has...

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