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Essay Three
Important dates
First draft: Begin prewriting and writing first draft in class on March 22. The first draft must be handwritten. Continue writing draft on April 1.

Draft due: Upload as a rich text file via joule by April 3 no later than 11:00 a.m. (10 pts. draft)

Peer review: In-class peer review on April 3. Bring two copies of your typed essay. (10 pts./peer review)

Revise/edit: In-class revise/edit on April 5.

Final draft and self-evaluation: Due on April 8. (100 pts./essay and 10 pts./evaluation)
Topic: Select one of the following topics.
1. Compare and contrast your culture to another culture. Select at least three points to c/c. Make sure you are not making random or biased judgments but are exploring similarities, differences, and their significance.
2. Compare and contrast your work ethic to another individual’s work ethic. Select at least three to c/c. Make sure you are not making random or biased judgments but are exploring similarities, differences, and their significance.
3. Compare and contrast two potential places of employment. Select at least three points to c/c. Make sure you are not making random or biased judgments but are exploring similarities, differences, and their significance.
4. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of living in an individual or collective society. Select at least three points to c/c. Make sure you are not making random or biased judgments but are exploring similarities, differences, and their significance.

Format: Use MLA style (p. 159 APSM and pp. 725-727 BL are examples of format)
Grading: Refer to rubric for grading criteria.
Extra help: If you have any specific questions about your draft, stop by during my office hours or e-mail me.

Essay Guidelines:

1. Prewriting is required.
2. The introduction must contain an introductory method (refer to pp. 29-30 BL and additional...

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