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Definition of Race

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Definition of Race
Cristen Sanders
February 29, 2016

Definition of Race
Race has been an issue in the United States for hundreds of years. At times it seems like more of an issue than it should be. No matter how far we come, it always seems that another issue arises and it leads back to race.
If we view race as a social construction supported by political realities, can complicate things more than needed. We can compare this view to traditional, and biological definitions. The downside to both of these views can be seen. Traditional views of race may inhibit the thinking and beliefs of others. Going back to the slavery days to the Civil Rights Movement, and issues that have arose in more recent times, the arguments, and hate do continue. If we view race as social construction, more minds may be open to the idea of racial equality.
Many of the racial issues we have today are supported by political realities. Politics are the main division of race. There are many political realities that fuel the racial fire. We see so many children involved in crime, abuse and so many other issues that plague us. So why is it when a child is killed, or a victim of police brutality, the media always emphasizes, that a black child was killed by a white cop? Would it not be a better idea to say a young adult or a teenager was killed by an officer? Race does not always have to be an issue. But as long as the media and politics are thrown in, then money is to be made.
Because our country is such a melting pot of races, it can be difficult to identify the line that makes up a race (America's immigration debate [Video file]. (2004). Acceptance should be a given. But it seems the racial tensions have changed but are still the same. The traditional views of race do and have inhibited the growth and assimilation of groups, but it has also given certain races a chance to assimilate easier into American life. Let’s face it we have a serious immigration issue, which some people view as a racial discrimination issue. However this could be fusion. Fusion means combining to different styles, or in this case different races. I do not even think there would be a way to define new races, besides going down the list of what genetics and race you came from.
If assimilation would have been in place a long time ago, we may have had better results from it. As it sits now we are just a melting pot. Everyone meshes together, and find a way to live, work, and play with all the diversity. There is still the small group of people who will never accept any other races, and there really is not much that can be done to change their views.
Since 9/11 the focus on race I think has shifted. When someone speaks of racial issues, or tensions, pre-9/11 we would tend to think of black and white issues. However in a post 9/11 country a lot of the racial tension is focused on people of Middle Eastern decent, and Muslims.
If we as a country would enlist some kind of assimilation program, where people coming to the US could get an idea of what life is like in our country, without them having to give up any of their own traditions, and beliefs. People come to our country because of the opportunities. The opportunity to go to school, work, love, and have a happy life. However the ones who come to the US illegally, do infringe on those who come here the right way. Clearly the system is broken and not only do US citizens pay the price, but also the people who want a chance to come here and have a good life.
It is obvious that the US is a melting pot. And with so many people from different races, cultures, and ethnicities, get married and have children, they are blurring the lines of race, and what a great way to erase the hate lines.
I support the melting pot definition. Because of the times we live in and so many races mixing, there is no way to see the true racial lines. I believe it is more common in the US. Many other countries do have more traditional views, and do define race by biologics, and skin color. I think as we move forward in time, people are starting to see that we are one race and that is the human race. We have gone from slavery, to Civil Rights, to hate crimes, and at time it does feel as though we are taking a step back for every two we go forward. I have seen a lot of racial issues plaguing the news recently. The media, social media, movies, tv shows, all contribute to the racial divide. There has to be a way to overcome these issues, so that we can tackle and overcome the more serious issues that are effecting everyone. Like the drinking water, hormones in our food, air quality.
Looking at myself from a biological view, I am Caucasian. However I have so many different ancestors from all over the world, so just because my skin is light, I am considered white. I hear people talking about “white privilege” so often, but I have yet to find this privilege. We have to overcome the stereotypes that society and the media have employed, and start thinking for ourselves. Then maybe our children will be even more tolerant, and accepting. I am not saying that people are still not discriminated against, because of race, because it happens every day. We just have to learn how to come together and love one another.
Race and racism, are very sensitive issues, and many emotions come into play. But there is no reason, we should not all be defined as human. We have to break the cycles of hate that have been passed down from generation to generation. Let’s teach our kids to love and accept. People do not do negative things because of the color of their skin, people do negative things, and sometimes they just happen to be from a different race,


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