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Emanuel McHenry
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4 October 2013
In this nation we have a concept called the “American Dream” that everyone strives for. It suggests that if you work hard, you can eventually earn a lot of money and do as you wish. Everyone typically wants to purchase an extravagant house, luxurious cars, designer clothes, and a high paying job that will make them financially stable. These kinds of people measure success on his or her material possessions and there monetary value. True success has nothing to do with material possessions, but comes from a deeper place that is much more substantial than money.
When I was younger my father and I would take long rides on his truck every weekend. On these long drives we traveled from state to state and would have many in-depth conversations on success. One time in particular, I remember we were driving along the highway and I saw a 2003 Cadillac Escalade. When I was younger this was my favorite vehicle and I told my Father when I got older I was going to purchase one. My father told me that in order for me to purchase one of them when I got older I would have to be successful. So, I asked, “What does that mean?” He replied with, “You have to go to college and work hard and get a good job.” Looking back at the conversation, my father related success with money as many people do. I thought it was funny that his idea of success did not correlate with my thought of the word. I always thought success had to do with how you thought of yourself and not how other people looked at you.
For many people they measure success on their happiness and how interesting they can make life. Few people find happiness in material possessions, but the majority of us do not. Many find happiness in their families: husband, wife, children, etc. Others measure their success on how happy they can make other people. For example, my grandmother has devoted her whole life into giving back to others by joining local community outreach programs, donating clothes, food, and even letting others live with her in hard times. She told me that she regrets nothing she has ever done and that helping others creates a better quality of life and humbles you as a person.
Other than the positive experiences that everyone tends to brag about, success also brings many negative aspects. Success is when you’re discouraged and feel like giving up, but at the end of the day you are determined to keep your head up. When being faced with adversity and overcoming hardships you display determination and are optimistic for a better future. Generally speaking, most people do not enjoy confronting the challenging aspects of success because nobody typically enjoys tough times and shedding tears. Overcoming any obstacles in life can make one a better person. My mother always told me that some of the most valuable lessons in her life come out of failure and what you gain from those failures is what makes you a stronger individual. If you ask me nobody can understand success without feeling overwhelmed at some point in time. Who could understand the true meaning of success if they never experience failure? Hardships, setbacks, and failure all go hand in hand in learning what it means to have success.
At the end of the day everyone wants to be successful, but not everyone is aware on how to achieve it. Even though most people that are successful have money, it is not money that made them successful. What makes one successful is having a strong relationship with their family and love ones. It also means caring about the well-being of others before you and willing to give a hand whenever needed to someone that needs it. Becoming successful comes with numerous setbacks and hardships that you gain knowledge from. Learning from those hardships you are now able to share those experiences and help others in the same situation you were once in. This is the true meaning of success…

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