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College of Business Management Fall Semester 2009 Course Outline COURSE TITLE: Title: Business Law

Code: LAW401 Credit Hours: 3

COURSE INSTRUCTOR: FAIZA AHMED AMIN COURSE DESCRIPTION This course will cover all the theoretical and practical aspects of Business, Commercial laws, keeping the current commercial scenario. COURSE OBJECTIVES • To develop an awareness of and an ability to understand both the common law and the statute in relation to contract, commercial, employment and business laws. • This course is aimed to benefit a manager working in a finance, marketing and HR environment. TEXT BOOKS AND REFERENCES: • N.D Kapoor: Elements of Mercantile Law • M.C Shukla: Mercantile Law GRADING & ASSIGNMENTS Evaluation Activity Mid-Term Exams Comprehensive Final Exams Quizzes/ Class participations 30 40 15 Points

Evaluation Activity Assignments/ Presentations 15


There will be two sessions of 90 minutes each per week, which means 3 hours per week. Session No. 1 Topics Introduction: - Definition of Law - Types of Law - Distinction between main types Sources of Law - Holy Quran - Precedent - Legislation - Customs Judicial Systems of Pakistan Contract Laws in Pakistan - Types of Contracts - Essentials of a Valid Agreement Essentials of a Valid Agreement Offer and acceptance - Definition - Rules - Communication - Revocation Consideration Capacity Free Consent Lawful Object Dischargement of Contract 1st Mid Term Exams Remedies for Breach of Contract Lecture/ Class discussion Teaching agenda Lecture/ Class discussion


Lecture/Group presentation/ Class discussion

3 4

Lecture/ Class discussion/ Oral Quiz Lecture/ Practice Assignment


Lecture/ Quiz # 1

6 7 8 9 10 12/16 -10-2009 11

Lecture/ Class discussion/ Group exercise/ Assignment # 1 Lecture/ Oral Quiz Lecture/ Class discussion Lecture/ Class discussion/ Practice...

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