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Studying Spoken Language Unit 4

Lesson 1: Introduction to studying spoken language
OBJ: to gain an overview of the unit and begin to understand how to study spoken language


Using PPT, explain the outline of the unit. Students to write the three areas down in their books.


‘Let’s start with you’ activity on PPT. Students write down the definition of ‘idiolect’. Write down two ideas for each ‘bubble’; each factor that can change their idiolect.

Share with the class, finding similarities and differences.

Copying mind map, decide on the top 6 factors that affect their idiolect.

Split class into 4 groups or pair work. Allocate the discussion questions from the PPT and feedback to the class.

Draw the UK map and label places and accents you can think of. Take answers and put on IWB. (Annotate over desktop)
Personalisation: reactions to the Bristolian accent and stereotypes of other accents. Scottish, Westcountry, East end of London, Scouse, Brummie etc.


Play 3 different accents for the class to guess the origin (interestingly, they often can’t recognise Bristolian!)
(see CMa for itunes playlist of accents


CMa itunes Studying Spoken Language Unit 4

Lesson 2: How spoken language is used in different contexts
OBJ: to begin to understand the features of spontaneous speech and how to transcribe speech


Write ‘spontaneous’ on the board and elicit what the students understand the word to mean and what connotations they have.

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