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Deliciously Deadly :x
Narrator: Have you ever felt lost in the midst of nothing? To be drown in the escape of your thoughts. The emptiness of none makes you dizzy, lost and never to be found. To be trapped in a cage like a rat , denied of equality. Or have you felt freedom like a bird that soars through great winds without anything to carry a burden? Mandy never felt more confused and lost than now. She was drown to an energy, a spirit, a vibe or maybe the feeling of happiness.
Nar: Mandy was the apple of the eye, the only daughter of the Sander’s. They provided her with everything she needed. She was privileged. She had every thing almost everything. The Sander’s was known for their elite and highly sophisticated form of fashion, wealth and etiquette grace. But these shallow labels soon disappeared as Mandy Sander’s was born.
Nar: One night, when Mandy was in her heavy nap. She soon felt the urge to pee, the call of nature as they say. But she found out that….
(Celine gets up, stretches, looks at the mirror and shouts)
CELINE: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Mom!
(Xan wakes up and tries to wake up 3rdy also)
Mom: What’s wrong dear? (Looks in her PJ’s) Oh, dear that is normal for a teenager to experience. It is called menstruation.
3RDY: You are now a lady dear, (Hugs Celine). Now sleep, you have some rest,
Mom: Use this dear. Good night. (Gives Napkin)
Nar: Mandy soon realizes that she is now entering the level of maturity; the level of maturity soon arises through her spines.
(Mandy still sleeping and Xan and 3rdy)
Nar: Mandy soon reached the peak of teenage life, being 16. Mandy finally had the courage to take her boyfriend to her parent’s house. Damien was stiff, and sturdy but was very deep. ( Kyle knocks on the door)
Kyle: Good evening Mr. and Mrs. Sanders, great to see you. (Magbless sa amin ni 3rdy, xan)
3rdy: Thank you sir.
(Continues eating)
Nar: Mr Sanders did not like this boy and fears for his daughter. So as soon as Damniean went out (Xan blabbering)
Xan: I am so disappointed…
3rdy: Stay away from this young man or else you are forsaken and abandoned!
Nar: But it’s every teenagers paradise, to rebel. Once told not to do so, he she will just be more curious and put their lives on the pack of something new.
(Kyle and Celine walking down. Naga date, pasweet2)
Days has passed and weeks have turned to months. Mandy became 16 and continued her special relationship with Damnien secretly. Damnien felt it was time to get what he wants.
Kyle: Hey, Mandy, there’s this party my friend Marcus (Raf)’s motel. Wanna join me? (super sweet voice)
Celine: Sure babe. Whenever you want.
Nar: Mandy willingly accepted Damniens offer without knowing that Damnien only wants her for her body.
Nar: The night has come and Mandy was in Damnien’s party.
(Magpasok si Celine, nagatugs tugs sila Rafael ng mga ilaw tapos ikiss ni Kyle sa cheek si celine pagkita niya)
Kyle: Baby, you came! (kiss na fake)
Celine: Of course I’ll come
Kyle: (tawagin c AJ at Raf) Btw, this is Marcus and James the host of the party,
Raf: Ola amiga
AJ: yoh!
Kyle: so lets get this party started!!
Nar: Mandy was dancing all around the room and without knowing, Damnien slipt a drug on mandy’s drink.
(Habang gasayaw si Celine kasama nila Raf at AJ, gilagyan ni Kyle ng powder yung inumin na galling kay 3rdy ang bartender)
Kyle: (maglapit kay celine) Drink some babe, you look exhausted, I love you! :*
(Gikuha ni Celine ang drink tapos nahimatay siya bigla then gitulungan siya nila raf aj at kyle papunta sa room)
Kyle: This is gonna be a fun night. Ginahubad nya polo niya pero meh sleeveless pa sa loob. Marcus, Jacob, you’ll video everything right?
AJ, RAF: Of course we will just have fun out there Damnien. (May hawak na na camera.
(Magdating ang parang pang cover tapos may magtapon2 ng damit tapos mag sound2 na gna ganun)
AJ: Give us a great angle Damnien.
Raf: Get it on! Woooh
(After mga ilang tapon ng damit ma alis ang curtain tapos maghingal si kyle then mahimatay siya)
Aj: Great, Damnien is done. It’s our turn now marcus. Grab some protection!
(Gilagay ni Raf ang camera sa side tapos magpasok ulit ang curtain pero konte na lang na damit ang matapon then may mga sound2 lang then magising si kyle tapos magalis na sila Raf at AJ)
Kyle: It’s time to get you all filled up babe.
(Then magano agad ulit ang curtain and yun nah magsigaw si celine ng grabe)
Nar: Months has passed and Mandy new that she was carrying something inside of her, a life. She doesn’t know what to do. She couldn’t tell her parents not now. So she called Damnien.
(Ga act sila na may phone)
Celine: We have to do something
Kyle: We have to go to an abortionist
Celine: Are you sure about this?
Kyle: Yes, I’m only 17 and I don’t want a child right now!!
Nar: Mandy and Damnien consulted an abortionist in town
AJ: Drink this and your problems will be all gone
Celine: Is this safe?
Raf: Trust us!
Nar: Time passed and when Mandy couldn’t take it anymore, she finally told her parents.
Celine: Mom, dad I’m so sorry. (Iyak si Celine)
Xan: I am so disappointed!!
3rdy: You are a complete disgrace!
Xan: (Magtayo) Shame on you!! (Isampal si Celine)
Nar: Mandy ran as fast as she can and there was a sudden shock of voltage, like her whole worlds coming to an end.
(Magtakbo si Celine and doon na siya sa road then mabangga siya ni Kyle: madeds sila dalawa)


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