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Organized by CNBC and Institutional Investor Forums for the third year in a row, the Delivering Alpha Conference did not disappoint. World hedge fund titans or more commonly known on CNBC as “Masters of the Universe” descended at the Pierre Hotel in New York City on July 17. Well-known hedge fund managers such as Carl Icahn, John Paulson, Nelson Peltz, Leon Cooperman and James Chanos, just to name a few, divulged their sought after stock picks along with solid reasoning and what lies ahead for stock and bond markets.

The opening remarks by Treasury secretary Jacob J. Lew provided his views on the current situation of the U.S. economy and regulation post the 2008 crisis. Perry Partners CEO Richard Perry suggested that Europe is 2-3 years behind and will suffer in the short-term and believes Greece will stay in the Euro and is buying Greek bonds, but going short on Japanese bonds. CEO Jane Mendillo from the Harvard Management Company, which has 22% of its portfolio in Europe, believes that Harvard’s long-term vision is as an endowment fund. Mendillostressed that when investing in China due to the uncertainties it is always best to have a Chinese partner that understands the demographic changes and the local market since index investing in China is flawed. However, Mendillo as well as Bridgewater Associates Co-President David McCormick also mentioned that China has a challenge to maintain growth and how this plays over the next five years is interesting. Perry also suggested to develop relationships in China but has no positions in China because of the lack of liquidity in Chinese markets. He further added Japanese firms are highly leveraged .

According to Leon Cooperman, Chairman of Omega Advisors, we are in a corrective mode and in a sideways market for the second half of 2013 . Coopermanoffered his stocks picks that he believes will outperform over...

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