Dell Strategic Planning

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Office: RB 338B Phone: 305-348-7050
Office Hours: Tuesday, 3:00to 5:00 p.m. Class Location: CBC 155
Class Times: Wednesday, 5:00 pm - 7:40 pm E-mail: WebCT course e-mail only!

Please read this syllabus in its entirety. It is a part of the course content. It is important that you understand what is required in this course and the time frames for completing assignments.

Class Format: This is a hybrid course, which means that classroom sessions will be held on alternate Thursdays. For the weeks in which no classroom sessions are scheduled, you will have assignments and quizzes based on readings and Web-based. You will also be expected to interact regularly with your fellow classmates (in person and virtually through email and the course discussion forum) to organize and prepare the team project. Since this course uses a significant amount of multimedia content, it is strongly advised that you obtain access to a computer with broadband Internet access and an up-to-date streaming media player (either Windows Media Player or Real Player are recommended).


This is an introductory course designed to help you develop an understanding and awareness
of the essentials of managing and of the way organizations behave. By exploring the four pillars of management -- planning, organizing, leading, and controlling -- we will discover how
organizations leverage their scarce resources to achieve their goals. The objective of this
course is to provide students an overview of the field of management, and insights into the
concept of organizational structure. This task will be accomplished by introducing participants to the history, lexicon, and practices of management as a field of study, and its present position in terms of both theory, practice…...