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Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention

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Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention

I feel that Globalization has been able to help the world tremendously. Globalization has also brought the whole world together in the sense that people can now integrate and engage in different activities throughout the world. Barriers that existed between communities and societies have been gradually broken by globalization. Today, people can engage in business activities throughout the world without problems of business contact because of technological innovations that have contributed to globalization. In the book The World is Flat, Thomas Friedman argues in support of the Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention. On the other hand, William Duiker is not sure about the trend that globalization sets. He argues that globalization may be caused by a simultaneous trend towards fragmentation.
In the Dell Theory of Conflict, Friedman states that the world has an economic interdependence that has a possibility of war. However, he says that when two countries or states engage in business together, they are less likely to go into war when they are equal parts of the same global supply chain. He clearly states that the two countries are unlikely to go to war because they have invested heavily in the business. Therefore, according to Friedman, the success of the business between the two countries involved depends on the supply chain.
William Duiker in his book, Contemporary World History links social, cultural, economic and political history of the world to issues of globalization. His argument about globalization as an offset of a simultaneous trend towards fragmentation is wrong. Globalization as seen in the current has brought the world together rather than fragment it. Globalization has brought together different ideologies cultures and other different aspects that exist among societies, in the world. It has connected the world more...

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