Democracy in the Digital Age

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Hedi Bouhlel,
EN130 English Composition
Assignment 01
* Democracy in the digital age
* Dictatorships who ruled their countries with an arm fist for decades, had no match for the digital age, and didn’t expect defeat either.
* Hunger for Democracy spun a revolution and caused a domino effect across the Arab world; it all started with a spark, and hit send type action, thanks to digital technology.
* The digital world revolutionized our existence, from computers to small portable devices. We conduct our business and run our lives from anywhere in the world with the help of a cell phone. Steve Jobs had a vision for the digital world and he left a great legacy behind him. The digital world has engulfed every preceding invention and improved it dramatically, from airplanes to our home security alarm, why not Democracy?
As we discovered the power of this technology, the Arab spring will not have occurred without the digital world. Feed backs from citizens witnessing events as they occur, recorded on a digital cell phones, streamed through You Tube on the internet for the world to see is unprecedented. Media around the globe reports news instantly as they happen with the help of digital communication.
In a small North African country named Tunisia where all the action begun, a college graduate trying to make a living selling fruits on the side street was harassed by police who has confiscated his investment. Enraged Mohamed Bouazizi run out of option, set him-self aflame revolting a corrupt government.
Following Bouazizi’s death, young people like him marched down the streets of every city in the country, demonstrating their anger towards their dictator president Ben Ali. This would not have been possible without the use of computers, the internet, and Facebook. The digital world has played a vital…...