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Demographic Information: Impact On My Development

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A. Demographic Information
1. I was born on November 13, 1998. Having been born during a technological era, I have a better knowledge and background in our rapidly changing technology based world. This made an impact on my development because I am able to research and learn through technology.
2. My parents, Donnie and Laura Bailey, have been married for twenty-one years. My mom is fifty-two years old and my dad is fifty-one years old. My parents have impacted my development by teaching me many important life lessons. Together my parents have demonstrated an authoritative parenting style. This style of parenting has impacted my development because it has taught me to be a responsible, caring person.
3. In my family, I have three older siblings who have been major role models in my life. My sisters, Chantelle (thirty-one years old) and Madyson (twenty years old) have taught me many important lessons. My brother Timmy passed away in 2010, at the age eighteen. The loss of my brother has had a huge impact on my life and taught me about the difficult grieving process.
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All of my life I have lived on a rural small-town Iowa farm. My cultural background consists of aspects of Native American, Irish, and Christian faith. Growing up in a rural area has impacted my development because it has exposed me to experiences with various plants and animals. Growing up as a Christian, I have learned a lot about God and the importance of staying true to my faith and morals.
5. My oldest sister Chantelle got married when she was twenty-three years old. A few years later she had my two beautiful nieces, Harper Joi and Willow Grey. Harper is six years old and Willow is two years old. My nieces have impacted my development by teaching me to develop parental guidance and knowledge of child

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