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What is Demography?
Demography is the scientific study of human population, including its size, distribution, composition, and the factors that determine changes in its size, distribution, and composition.

Objects: Dynamic VS Static

Demographic Focuses
1. Size: the number of population in a given areas at a given time.
2. Distribution: population dispersion in geographic space at a given time.
3. Composition: the number of person in sex, age, and other “demographic” categories.
4. Population dynamics: birth, death, and migration.
5. Socioeconomic determinants and consequences of population change --- Population Study.

Population Characteristics
 Population has three compositions (in terms of static):
 natural composition: by age and sex
 spatial composition: by province and by urban-rural areas
 social composition: by marital status, educational status, nationalities, working status, etc.
 Accordingly, population has three changes (in terms of dynamics):
 natural change: birth and death
 migration change: emigration and immigration
 social change: marriage and divorce, enrollment and drop out
 Population dynamics affects the population composition.
 Population composition can be expressed at a point of time, which was called time-point index;
 Population change can be expressed within duration of time, which was called period index.

The Feature of Demography
 Demography is rarely found as an independent academic discipline in an independent academic department.
 It is more commonly pursued as a subfield within departments of sociology, economics, Epidemiology, geography, or statistics.
 However, practice of the field is relatively widespread among academic departments and is found not only in the department named but also in such others as actuarial science, marketing, urban and regional planning,...

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