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Demographics in Health Care

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Demographics The Aging Population Michele R. Morris HCS/490 July 17, 2011 Jennifer Pharr
The Aging Population The aging population does not seem like anything other than people just receiving older. Referred to as the Baby Boomers this demographic of people are those ages 65 and older. People may think the demographics of our population have no affect on health care or our economy. This paper will include the information that proves our countries demographics do impact health care and the economy. For example, information was gathered about the target area, the aging population, and the general impact that demographic group has on the health care market. This information will also include how the aging population will increase the nation’s health care costs and prescription drug costs. This paper will include information about how a chronic disease wellness program may affect the cost for the aging population and how these issues can be addressed.
Because of this proposed “baby boom” generation rapidly increasing, there has been an increased health care cost. The health care cost per person for people over age 65 is three to five times greater than that of people under the age of 65 (United states census bureau, 2003). This increased cost along with other factors such as long-term care and advancements in technology could increase health care cost even higher. More than 50 million of these Baby Boomers are sparking a demand for products but a certain type of environment to meet their needs. As the Baby Boomers grow older, they require accommodations to meet their changing physical and sensory capabilities. As of the present time there are more elderly on our planet now than there ever has been before (Bicket & Mitra, 2009). In the 1930’s the older population made up less than seven million. At the time that was...

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