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“Demonstrative communication includes nonverbal and unwritten communication and involves such things as facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language.” (University of Phoenix, 2011, Course Syllabus) Demonstrative communication supplements verbal communication in many ways. For example, when a salesman dresses smartly, and presents a friendly attitude he is saying I’m trustworthy and am offering a great deal. Demonstrative communication, as stated above, is done several ways via nonverbal action such as, a smile on a salesman’s face and his posture when presenting his wares. The facial expression would portray a positive image since he is smiling. The salesman’s tone of voice is another indicator of positive communication. The salesman’s body language is another factor when discussing demonstrative communication. The listener processes all the demonstrative communicationindicators and perceives an overall positive image. If the listener perceives the salesman’s demonstrative communication as deceptive or not genuine then the image would be negative and ineffective communication would occur.
Ineffective demonstrative communication can have many negative effects such as misunderstandings in the workplace and personal life. Often other difficulties with personnel can occur as a result of ineffective demonstrative communication. In the example above, if the salesman’s tone of voice was aggressive, loud and condescending then he would be an ineffective demonstrative communicator and not make any sales; therefore the experience the sender has is ineffective and a negative one. The sender’s demonstrative communication, in this case the salesman, would then cause himself to lose his job because he could not effectively achieve his goal of selling. Also if the sender’s ineffective demonstrative communication is carried over into his personal life he could become divorced...

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