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Nicholas Canino
Dr. Patrick A. Polk
Humanities 491
30 September 2013
Demons are with us every day when we sleep, eat, work and even to some extent when we are at church. The traditions that demons have to do with are in Christianity. There are other religions where “bad spirits” are talked about but, demons derive from the devil which is associated with the Christian church. The main mode of communication that was and is so important to spreading the knowledge of demons was through the Bible and films. The Bible is the oldest dissemination of demons where it talks about Jesus calling out these spirits from inside of people. Films or movies have been the most popular form in recent times. Some characteristics of a demon include: Spirits with no physical body form, they are shape shifters, can communicate telepathically or by impressing thoughts, Require certain sacrifices and offerings for survival, able to occupy bodies and objects and control them, They are imitators and impersonators(especially of Christians, God, and prophecy), and are prone to corrupt, defy, and terrorize. This spirit is important because in a way this is proof for Christianity that there is a heaven and a hell. Demons are the children of the devil, who is the prince of darkness aka hell. If there is a hell, there is proof that there is an afterlife.
All demons derived from the one of the biggest mistakes of all mankind. Adam and Eve were the first to experience, a demon in true flesh. They were both told by God to eat off of every tree that bares fruit except for the tree of knowledge of good and evil. This demon appeared as a serpent and with its trickery and deceitful words talked Eve into biting the fruit and she shortly after tricked Adam. God then banned Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. God then punished the serpent by removing his hands and feet, and turning him into a snake to eat...

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