Demonstrative Communication

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Demonstrative Communication is very important when trying to communicate words that rely on images. Communication can be defined as the process of sending and receiving messages. This includes nonverbal and unwritten communication that involves facial expressions, tone of voice and body language. Written communication can be done through emails, reports, articles, etc. Demonstrative communication can be both effective and non-effective for the sender and receiver. Most importantly demonstrative communication involves listening and responding.

Communication involves the exchange of information, thoughts, or messages, by using behavior, writing, signals or speech. This communication can be verbal or nonverbal, visual or written. Verbal communication can be wrtten or oral communication. Nonverbal communication consists of eye contact or body language.

The content of a message will go a long way in explaining the idea that is being presented. Images can greatly enhance communication by providing a visual demonstration of ideas being discussed. Presenting these images can occur on a picture and graphical based level. For example, explaining the importance of incorporating veterans back into the workforce in the United States to a large audience, is done best by portraying positive images of the troops coming home. Discussing how over the last year your business growth has grown steadily is done best by using a graph or line bar.

Comparing ideas is another way to understand something more clearly. Illustrating a concept in the context of images is often used in advertising. Images are used to sell people, products and services. An example would be a beautiful model who sells cars. The model is presented because the company is encouraging the audience to associate the car with the concept of beauty.

The timing of when an image is communicated to…...