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Denial Is the Root of All Evil

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Denial Is The Root Of All Evil

Corey Gard

Professor Standifer
Composition I, Argument Essay
November 1, 2010

Corey Gard
Professor Standifer
Composition I, Argument Essay
1 November 2010
Denial Is The Root Of All Evil Row along you rower of sorts, row fast and row slow, row until you can row no more, then row somemore. Row hard enough that your arms fill with cramps and your hair turns white with stress, row until your back pains with your incessant, consistent, ritualistically morbid and mentally dangerous norms. But, row long enough and you will become tired of this ridiculous method of transportation and long for something better, a propellor perhaps to do the rowing for you? And as you sit peacefully behind the wheel of your new vessel, somewhere inside of your newly relaxed mind, ideas emerge, that incredible longing for the different. You may awaken from a restful night of sleep, peer out the window and glimpse this “reality” this life that we have found ourselves with which was built from the backs and necks of our parent’s parents’ parents…etc. and realize many questions that lie just below the surface, these questions of which we are simply unable, until this moment, to ask. Questions like, why exactly is our society does the mighty dollar have the final say? Why are our minds structured by absolutes? (hell no! or hell yes!) Why, even though the idea in itself is morally wrong, do we accept ourselves as part of a Capitalist union? Or even, why we simply “sit back and plug-in” to our next fix when we could be getting angry and fighting back? Dear leaders of the rebellion, I call to you today with the last bit of hope I have left. This self-destructive spectator sport we understand as “reality” is changeable. I as a 22 year old Caucasian American do not sit before you and claim to have some higher power that gives me say so over your mystical souls. I stand before you today and offer you only an alternate ending to a book that has already been written. It shames me to watch segments of the news to see what other pains our individuals are causing to not only the mass but to themselves. Problems arise when we feel challenged, this we all can understand, but there is no worse response to this then filling with rage and annihilating your foe. You can not kill an idea because the more effort you put into repressing it, the more momentum this idea gains. Live and let live. The idea presented earlier about the rowing was meant to inspire a sense of redundancy, why work yourself to death for a cause not worth dying for? However, what is worth dying for you may ask. Regretfully, I cannot give you the answer for this but neither can anyone else. This is a choice that you alone have the power to make and you alone will make if you have not already. Change for the “good” will not be easy but I can tell you this, In trying to change reality, you must be willing to die for your cause. Sadly, the best publicity you can get is martyrdom.

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