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AiO Com 1010
Professor C. Madden Name:_________________________

Outline Guide: Required for every speech!
Introduction: Write an introduction that includes Attention Getting Material: Use a question or a story or a statistic or a quote or a joke (use only if you’re a great joke teller).
Where have you heard this saying many times before “up and down, back and forth, or even Circular motions” you guess it, the dentist. Teeth play an important role in helping us to enjoy our food; therefore, we should treat them with care.

Identification/common ground materials: Mention some things you have in common with the audience. Relate the commonalities to the topic of your speech. For example if you are speaking about water skiing you might say I ski every week at Lake Eola or some other lake your listeners will recognize.

I brush and floss my teeth once a day?
How would you rate yourself on how you care about your teeth?

Background Materials (if needed): if your topic is obscure you may have to give some definitions here.

Credentials: What are your credentials in giving this speech? For example, if water skiing is your hobby, you might say I have been water skiing every summer for 4 years and I enjoy reading about competitive water skiing.

I have been a dental assistant for 16 years and I enjoy giving patients oral hygiene instructions.

THESIS STATEMENT- Include the specific purpose and preview of 3 main points: For example, I will be speaking today about water safety by telling you about 1.)the need for water safety 2.) water safety equipment and 3.) treatments for common water related accidents.
1.) I will be speaking today about on how to brush your teeth effectively to prevent cavities.
2.) Brushing and flossing techniques
3.) What is Routine checkup?

Note: You must include the references you list on...

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