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Dentistry Impact

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“What does impact mean to you?” My entrepreneurship professor asked us to define the term in a way that related to our personal goals. A few examples of impact that immediately popped into my head included Embrace Innovation, whose low-cost incubator saved 300,000 babies across 22 countries and Doug Rouch’s Daily Table, which sells fresh, low-cost produce to some of the 49 million Americans struggling with hunger. How did their journeys relate to my aspiring career in dentistry? I recalled shadowing Dr. Starns & Wood who volunteered tirelessly on Tuesday nights, spreading their impact on Charlottesville beyond private practice. Considering social entrepreneurship and dentistry, I defined impact as transforming as many lives possible across multiple …show more content…
Throughout the years, her words also encouraged me to gain a holistic understanding of biology and the human body. Once, while assisting at the free clinic, I discovered that a patient had taken a blood thinner earlier. Remembering from my favorite show how Dr. House ordered these drugs to treat an aneurysm and from anatomy class how they prevented production of blood-clotting proteins, I called over the dentist who rescheduled the patient to avoid excessive blood loss. I see Penn Dental, one of twelve top-ranked schools under the multidisciplinary umbrella of the University of Pennsylvania, as the best place for my continued exploration of how the mouth is a wonder to the body, geographically and philosophically positioned for interdisciplinary studies across other professional disciplines. Since its founding, dentistry at Penn has been taught in a scientific environment as a specialty of medicine, allowing dental, medical, nursing and social work students to work together at Penn’s five interdisciplinary care clinics, thereby maximizing my impact on patients, transcending oral health to systemic

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