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Dentistry Personal Statement

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Growing up in China in the 90s has brought me many bad memories and experiences associated with the field of dentistry. At the time, most of the “dental clinics” in China were tiny little shops on the side of small roads, which looked very much like hair salons. The facts that the dentists were rude, unprofessional and unhygienic gave patients a sense of insecurity and discomfort. After moving to Canada, I had several opportunities in high school to shadow local dentists, to observe their daily activities and learn about this profession. These opportunities made me realize the complexity of dentistry, of all the decisions and different procedures that dentists perform on a daily basis. This also showed me that dentistry is a multi-faceted career …show more content…
I had an epiphany few years ago after my grandfather had passed away from cancer. I started to rethink about life and realized that I only had one chance to accomplish my life goals, to make it meaningful, and to live with no regrets. Therefore, I believe that determination and a good attitude towards life are the basic ingredients in order to be successful. In addition, responsibility, teamwork and leadership are also very important traits for dentists to have. My past experiences lifeguarding, being a teacher assistant 4, being a first responder, and being captain of McGill Dragon Boat team have all helped me build these traits. I have developed strong leadership and teamwork skills, and have a well-rounded skillset that will make me well prepared for a career in dentistry. Dentistry is also a field that is constantly developing and evolving. Thus, intellectual curiosity, creativity and innovation are essential. One of my passions lies in doing, exploring and learning different things to satisfy my curiosity. That is why I have taken on a different summer job every year to seek different knowledge and experiences, and worked on various research projects throughout the years in the labs of Dr. Boivin and Dr. Farivar I believe my diverse experiences will make me a well-rounded dentist with the broad skillset to tackle different

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