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Chapter 11 - Sexuality
Multiple Choice

1. The text lists all of the following as reasons why sexuality in adolescence is a particularly important period during the life cycle, except:
A. adolescence is the time when erotic feelings first emerge.
B. puberty brings on physical changes that allow for sexual reproduction.
C. cognitive changes in adolescence have a major impact on sexuality.
D. it is not until adolescence that sexual activity begins to take on the social meaning it will continue to have throughout adulthood.
Answer: A

2. Sex play that is innocuous during childhood is no longer innocuous during adolescence because:
A. children report erotic feelings before puberty.
B. the hormonal changes of puberty result in an increased sex drive in adolescence.
C. children are not capable of kissing, petting, masturbating, or sexual intercourse before puberty.
D. with puberty, pregnancy becomes a serious possibility.
Answer: D

3. Which of the following is not considered an aspect of positive sexual development that adolescents face?
A. becoming comfortable with one’s maturing body
B. reconciling feelings of sexual arousal with one’s religious beliefs
C. feeling comfortable in choosing to engage or not to engage in sexual activity
D. understanding and practicing safe sex
Answer: B

4. “Sexual socialization” refers to:
A. a person’s sexual orientation.
B. a person’s social skills in sexual relationships.
C. the way in which an individual is educated about sexuality.
D. the degree to which an individual is comfortable with his or her sexuality.
Answer: C

5. On Steve’s 13th birthday, his father wants to educate him about sex, so they sit down to have a “man to man” talk about the “birds and the bees.” This process is called:
A. sociosexual preparation.
B. sexual socialization.
C. permissive communication.
D. human ecology....

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