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Dependent on Electronics

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Are American Children to Dependent on Electronics Children today know more about electronics then the average adult. They begin to use electronics before they can even speak well. Children begin to use electronics at home before they attend school; however, when starting Kindergarten they are taught how to use electronics. This raises the question have American children become to dependent on the luxuries of electronics. Most children are born into homes that have at least one parent owning electronics. As small children the light of a phone intrigues a child to try and figure out what this amazing device does. Then, after mastering the cell phone lock they begin to realize that they want games that are like daddies cell phone. After this realization they begin to ask for electronics. Sales of electronic games are projected at $4 billion this year, stated by the New York Times. In today’s world so many children are spending hours on a computer or cell phone that “children under the age of five had the highest injury rate of all age groups” stated by The Canadian Press. These injuries range from migraines, due to the harsh light let of by the computer, all the way up to carpool tunnel. Parents think that because there child figured out a cell phone, after watching a sibling use one, they are intelligent. The simple fact is that a parent and or siblings world revolves around electronics causing the youngest family member to become to dependent on electronics. Page 2 In the school system today, parents fight over what should be taught. In most cases classrooms are trying to prepare children for higher level education. Like stated by The New York Times, this mainly involves teaching children how to use a computer and the internet. Children are also starting to use electronically reading devices to…...

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