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Depression In Persona

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Lens Based Mini Essay Depression this word conjures up ideas such as sadness and anxiety. But what is it really? In the movie Persona 3: Falling Down, the main protagonist is constantly bombarded by situations that weaken his mental state. It is often shown that people are a greater force when working together. This is displayed in the movie through friendship, family and proper communication. Firstly, in the movie the characters are always relying on each other. It is first shown though the main protagonist named Makoto. After Makoto accidentally tears the sleeve off a businessman’s suit he needs to get a job in order to pay for it. While at work one day Makoto’s friend Ryoji stops by and offers to assist him in earning the money. At first Makoto declines the offer but ultimately takes Ryoji up on it to …show more content…
Makoto isolates himself because he is suffering from death depression. “People with depression often begin to isolate themselves and may even shun others. People who are grieving may avoid vibrant social settings, but they often accept some support from loved ones” (Nall). After Makoto’s friend is killed he tries to avoid becoming attached to others in order to not have to deal with the pain that comes when they leave, but Ryoji eventually gets Makoto to realize that he needs help from others to achieve his goals. The importance of friendship is again displayed though another important character named Mitsuru. Mitsuru hides the real reason why she is always so determined to reach her goals but when she is betrayed by someone who she thought was a friend and her father is killed she is reminded by her best friend that she is not alone. Together they are able to overcome many obstacles. Mitsuru keeps secrets about herself because she does not want her friends to think that she is weak and as a result tries to do

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