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Steps taken to clear Trusteer issues or password logon issues…
**NOTE: After confirming Browser type and version, as well as Operating system. 1. Stop/Start Trusteer service – With Internet Explore and all browsers closed

2. Clear Cache\History\temps… In Internet Explorer ie8

3. Click on the <RESET> button {This is an extreme extra step, I don’t always do this if I don’t have to}

4. Un-install and re-install Trusteer via normal mode or safe mode. You may have to delete the Trusteer folder. 5. Typical error that requires to be white listed on all of the client’s routers and firewalls. Please notice the error at the bottom left of the page.

6. Add Trusteer site to the Trusted sites on internet explorer security side…

7. Check what version Antivirus – Norton’s, Kaspersky, McAfee, etc. 8. Personal firewall set or not? 9. Checking if any other PC’s have the same issue? 10. Ask and direct to please place a Trusteer ticket if they haven’t at this point.

If a re-install is required…
Please try uninstalling Rapport in Safe Mode.
To do this, please follow the instructions below (you may need to write them down before restarting):

1) Restart your PC
2) Start tapping the F8 key. The Windows Advanced Options Menu appears
3) Ensure that the Safe Mode option is selected
4) Press Enter. The computer then begins to start in Safe Mode.
5) When Windows has finished loading, Click Start > Run
6) Type C:\program Files
7) Delete the "Trusteer" folder in the window that opens up (if exists)
8) Click Start > Run
9) Type %appdata%
10) Delete the "Trusteer" folder in the window that opens up (if exists)
11) Restart the PC normally

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