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Describe a person you admire. Calvin Lewis Hampton Sr. was born May 16, 1963 in a small town in Lamar, Mississippi. He attended school at Ashland High School where he quickly made a name for himself playing basketball. Ashland is also were Calvin meet the love of his life and his future wife Josephine. Calvin’s senior year at Ashland he got Josephine pregnant and his life changed forever as he was now the father of a beautiful daughter. After graduation Calvin had to make a decision to either go to school to continue his basketball career or get a job to support his family, so Calvin chose to support his family over his basketball career. Calvin started driving big trucks to provide for his family and within two years of driving trucks he started his own trucking company named Hampton Trucking, shortly after starting his own company Calvin married Josephine and made her Mrs. Hampton. Calvin is a God fearing man that is dedicated to the well-being of his family and a great father figure for his children.
Calvin Sr. is a great man that has taught me a lot about life and has showed me the definition of what a man is supposed to be and do for his family. One thing he has always told me was no matter what I am going through or whatever type of adversity I am faced with always pray and talk to God about it and always put God first in whatever it is I am doing. When I was younger I did not understand what he was telling because I was a child and had no knowledge of who God was and the power he has in my life. I think exposing me to Christ and reading the bible with me at such a young age really prepared me for challenges I would be faced with throughout life. Calvin has been a father figure to his children since the day we were born. Faithfully he has been in his children’s life and supported his children with whatever it was we wanted to do. Calvin always stressed to me...

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