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Describing and Analyzing a Work of Renaissnace

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Describing and Analyzing a Work of Renaissance
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Describing and Analyzing a Work of Renaissance
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The picture that I chose was from Museum of Modern Art it’s a painting of Madonna and Child; Saint John the Baptist; Saint Jerome Sano di Pietro( Ansano di Pietrod, Mencio) ( Italian, Siena 1405-1481 Siena). This painting was one of many that I had looked at but for some reason it capture my attention and I just continued to focus on how well it stood out among other painting.
Elements of Art for description of Art Work

The Line on the painting is foundation of the artwork which makes it stand out because of the signature setting people will take notice to it and the layout is perfect reflection of the time period.
There are several different warm and soft color’s that catches people eyes like gold, blue, black , white, and pink really does this painting justice.
The light defines the outside scenery were it represents the time of day in which the painting was done.
This represents how objects are placed like the road, trees, and how the men are sitting on each side of Madonna.
When you look at the shape it tells that the picture was slanted when it was painted.
In this picture the artist left space so if he looked at it later and something needed to be added he/she could do so.

Principles of Design for the analysis of Art Work
The painting has an asymmetrical shape were it is not equal on the sides or its slanted a little downhill this makes the balance not centered.
This means that the painting has movement cause of the way it’s shift off centered.
This relates to the size of the painting and it’s width in which it seems to be of medium size.
This relates to emphasis on where the painting took place and the time frame it was done.
When everything on the painting comes together or overlaps it forms unity.

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