Description of a Supermarket

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The rain lashed down onto the car park floor with the force of nails, struck by a celestial hammer. The clouds dominated the afternoon sky engulfing the sun light into its grey abyss. Row, upon row, upon row, of cars filled the car park all leading me towards the supermarket entrance. Above the entrance stood the four letters of ASDA, glowing with green defiance against the gloomy weather. Outside was a dwindling supply of shopping trolleys, soon to be used by the next wave of rush hour customers. The huge automatic entrance door parted as I walked towards it, eager to be inside.
A cool, air conditioned breeze brushed across my face as soft as the finest of silks. The supermarket was packed with people and the sound of chatting and the squeaking of trolley wheels filled the shop. Taking a step forward I focused on the display in front of me. An abundance of fruit and vegetables lined the shelves; an array of colours that could put a rainbow to shame. The scent of oranges, apples, bananas and many more tempted me to delve deeper into the shop and the aisles beyond.
Walking across the smooth marble floor I noticed the barely audible, relaxing tune that flowed through the speakers, wrapping everybody in its blanket of calm. The big green and yellow ‘frozen food’ sign was now overhead as I weaved through the legs of a crowd of people. My red T-shirt wasn’t enough to keep me warm from the chilling bite of the giant freezers. Then I reached a screaming child. A single mother juggled between a sleeping baby in a pram, scribbling onto her shopping list and shushing a screaming toddler, clinging to the side of the trolley like his life depended on it. The bags under the mother’s eyes showed she’d had many sleepless nights whilst she rooted deep into her pocket. I continued on. The screaming stopped. Taking a glance back I saw the toddler now grinning in…...