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Description of a Failed Project

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Description of a Failed Project
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Description of a Failed Project
The project at hand is that of the implementation of E-borders system in the United Kingdom. In the past, the United Kingdom experienced the challenges in the situation of security to and from the country. The movement through the borders was bringing about fears about the security situation in the country.
In the year 2003, the government decided to come up with a system that would enhance the monitoring of the movement of people to and from the country through the borders. The project was dubbed the E-border project. The government then engaged an IT company known to as the Raytheon. This company was given the tender to put into place the e-border system.
By the year 2008, the project had been implemented to a great extent. In this case, the company held to the responsibility was seen to have gone half way of the requirement (Mollick, 2014). However, in the same year, the British home complained of missing key milestones in the project.
The complaint by the British home formed a major setback in the project. The project was now being seen as not fulfilling the requirements of the initial intentions. In the year 2010, the primary setback was faced and experienced. A national election was conducted to usher in a new government (Chakrabarty, 2016). This saw the income of a government that did not fully support the project. Though the project was still ongoing, the new government did not support it as it saw this as a waste of resources.
UK border agency’s mismanagement caused more trouble in the implementation of the e-border implementation. This saw the Raytheon company experience more difficulties and complain to the government. They threatened to sue the government for the failure on its part, and a binding arbitrary process saw the company being awarded damages...

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