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The Adventures of Orlando Orlando is one of the most tourist city in the world, providing multiple disney theme parks. One attraction that i’ll being talking about Gatorland which is a unique and thrilling place to be and see. The BoatHouse is a delicious and different type of restaurant that sits on an ocean side dock. The World Quest Resort is a luxurious and well put together hotel that makes you feel like your in the mediterranean,because that's the theme of the hotel. Orlando, Florida is one of the most populated city and an entertaining place to be in.
The World Quest Resort is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy all sorts of indoor and outdoor activities. Visitors will undoubtedly enjoy the price of the hotel fo “128-89 dollars for …show more content…
This place may seem scary because of the alligators but its really not it is full of specialized and trained people around always keeping an eye out for you, so you have nothing to worry about. It may seem crazy to have hundreds of alligators at one place but many of them have been evicted from their home due to construction, so many of them have been put into these types of sanctuaries to keep them safe (A). That may seem sad now but when you get there “Thrills and chills abound some of the largest alligators in the world, as they jump four feet into the air out of the water in a one-of-a-kind-show (D). Gatorland may sound fun but scary, mainly fun though because all of the alligators you see are well trained so maybe come to Gatorland and see for yourself the kind of alligators they have. Universal Studios is one of the most popular roller coaster/ carnaval place in the world, action packed with disney characters roaming through the whole place. Universal is a fast paced thrill ride theme park that has roller coasters or where your in a roller coaster while a Marvel movie is playing acting like your in the movie, so the cart follows the movies every move (A). They just don't have roller coasters and games they also have a friend and family galaxy bowl that is a glow in the dark theme with different colored blinking lights everywhere (D). Universal Studios is one of the best thrilling and action theme park of all time. Gatorland and Universal are are two of many well known places that are excellent to visit and see while you are on Orlando,

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