Descriptive Framework

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Descriptive Framework
The virtual organization that I selected for the Organizational Communication Analysis is Kelsey Elementary School. As a mother of a fifth grader, I am always interested in the communication efforts associated with elementary schools. In the past, school administrators and teachers were only able to communicate in person, through written correspondence, or by telephone. The technological advancements of the 21st century provide school faculty with the opportunity to connect with others using a plethora of communication methods, but the first step to conducting an Organizational Communication Analysis is to develop a framework that provides a clear description of the school.
Kelsey Elementary School
According to the school’s webpage, Kelsey Elementary, in partnership with families and the community, is dedicated to the growth and development of each student in a positive learning environment that will contribute to each student’s lifelong learning in a changing society. Kelsey Elementary is often used as a representation of all other elementary schools in the Kelsey Unified School District. Enrollment for the current school year is 500 students in grades Kindergarten through five. The city of Kelsey has a vested interest in the success of all students attending the city’s educational institutions. Kelsey Elementary is a primary stepping stone for students on their educational journey therefore; a solid educational foundation is vital.
The People
From students to the community that surrounds the school; many stakeholders make up the educational environment of Kelsey Elementary. The school’s administration office is composed of a principal, a secretary, an office assistant, a social worker, and a guidance counselor. The educational instruction for students is provided by 19 general education teachers, nine instructional aides, a music…...