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Charter Communications

Charter Communications is an American company that takes great pride in providing cable television, high-speed internet, and telephone service to customers in 29 states. Charter Communications is classified as the fourth largest cable company. Charter Communication has a Human Resource department at each location throughout its enterprise. The individual department that will be of focus for the purpose of this paper is the office residing in ...... The mission statement of Charter is, “Integrity, Teamwork, Customer Service.” The overall mission of the company is to “drive growth and increase shareholder value by delivering simple, customer-oriented communications and entertainment solutions to consumers and businesses” (Charter Employee Handbook, 2010, p. 8). Charter Communication has simple values and operating principles. Charter requires employees to exhibit integrity and display utmost respect. Through proper training employees demonstrates ownership and accountability, which delivers customer service. Charter believes its work is important and promoting teamwork and trust allows employees to pursue growth and learning. Charter trusts their employees and builds off of their success. This embraces and drives change throughout the company. (Retrieved from The human resource department located at ....., California . It strictly supports these cities and refers all major issues to the headquarters in Irwindale, California. Charter Communications has 5 facilities that provide customer service to subscribed customers. Each city is referred to as systems. These systems combined are referred to as the Central Coast System. The system currently employs staff over 110 personnel and operates around the clock as emergency and critical issues arise.

Making up the work force at the Central Coast...

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