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Descroption of the Kiwi Fruit

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For the following assignment I have chosen kiwi fruit as my source of concentration and focus. As I started to explore this object, first I have decided to focus on the outer appearance. Just by looking at the kiwi fruit, the shape that I noticed is oval or cylindrical, kind of egg-shaped fruit, a little similar to lemon size, with the two ends on each side. It is also pretty clean and uniform in shape, meaning that it’s not wrinkled or shriveled as I look at it. Skin of the fruit is covered with the thin, short, and fuzzy little hair, almost like it’s wrapped with moss that is of brown color with the dark green layer underneath of it that is evidently flat and plain. The overall color of kiwi is a mixture of brown with dark green. As I grabbed a fruit in order to touch it and hold it, I experienced that the whole fruit is very soft and pleasant due to its hairy texture. I also felt that it is dry and subtle as well, so the fuzz present on the surface of the fruit tends to fall down while touching it. Although it seems pretty soft while holding the kiwi in hands, when I put the fruit closer to my face and touched it with my cheek, I felt a little rough skin of the kiwi fruit. When I held kiwi, I noticed that the fruit itself is massive and heavy; I would say that it was almost like holding an egg. When I squeezed it, it got softer for a moment and automatically came back to its original shape because its stable texture makes that even while pressing on it, the shape stays the same and there are no concaves or any traces of pressure. As I shook it in order to check if there is any sound present like for example a sound of a liquid or seed inside, I didn’t notice any tone at all. Similarly to sound, there was also no smell in the outer layer of this product. Although the skin of the fruit from what I know is uneatable, I decided to lick it to see if it has any taste....

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