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Desicion Making

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H5: What are the effects of human resources outsourcing on leadership performance and employee commitment?
“Human resources outsourcing evolve from hiring payroll processing companies in the 1990s to delegating tasks previously performed by human resources assistants and specialist, such as recruiting, coordinating benefits and handling unemployment climes. Some small businesses outsource entire human resources departmental: however, money companies outsource singular processes. Small businesses to large corporations decide for one reason or another that outsourcing human resources functions is a way to improve efficiency and minimize staffing costs”(R. Mayhew,p 1). Outsourcing HR is a good strategy for business start-ups, and young businesses to early on develop high-quality hr management policies and practices. This allows businesses to spend more time and energy developing their products and customer bases. However, I do believe that business culture and values should not be determined, nor evaluated by an outside source. In the long run, companies should recruit their own talent and manage hr internally. So basically, outsourcing HR can have positive impacts on leadership and employee commitment in the short-term, but may not improve or have negative impacts on leadership and employee commitment in the long-term. HR outsourcing is shaping the future of human resources management. It is becoming an

Increasingly attractive option for many organizations and has received considerable attention

from the academia. Parallelly, ‘what to outsource’ has always been a much debated issue.

While extant literature reveals a widespread consensus that core activities need to be kept in-

house and those considered non-core, the distinction between core and non-core is not clear. The
Primary purpose of this paper is to address the HR…...

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