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Desighning a Reward Sysyte

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Designing a Reward System
Jamie Traylor
Lucille Reeves

Many people who work in Human Service positions can attest to the many needs of those that come to them for help have. These people see some of the best and worst in others, and they are not always capable of helping all of those that come to them in need. Human service jobs have the potential of being highly stressful, due to the large workloads that many faces in these positions. Due to the high-stress levels of these jobs, it has been shown that using an incentive program, encourages and motivates these employees. The needs of each employee need to be adequately met, as well as maintain a fine balance between the goal of the organization. Finding and establishing a reward system that works for both the employees of an organization and the people they serve, is the tricky part, because "the most effective plans are custom designed to fit the organization's objectives and cultures", (Cissell, 1987). When an organization establishes a reward system, they need to reward work that is beyond what is expected of each employee. If employees are rewarded for what is expected of them, then they would not feel the need or desire to perform above and beyond normal work performance. Many employees are self-motivated, by different types of intrinsic motivation factors, such as their pride in their work, opportunities for self-development and the thought of improving. Other employees function better when organizations use extrinsic motivation, such as an increase in pay, promotion opportunities and respect from co-workers. Both forms of motivation, along with incentive programs have shown an increase in productivity, momentum and effectiveness inside of an organization. When establishing a reward system inside of an organization, it is important that all employee needs are met. We all have five...

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