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In the job searching I have done over the past years and the research I have done this week I have discovered what I found 7 years ago and what I found out today remains the same. Most companies like “Turn 5” are looking for you to have your AA or BFA in Graphic Design and 1-2 years’ experience to become junior staff designer. I qualify for most job but most are looking for someone to have their BFA and at least 2 years of professional experience. I have a lot of free-lance experience but not professional and I am very behind on software updates. I feel as soon as I brush up on my skills with the new software and show these companies that I am taking the initiative and going back to school it will vastly increase my probability of getting a good job. At this moment I feel almost unmarketable on paper but I know I am more than able to do all the specific skills that are requested.
Turn 5 American Muscle is seeking a designer that has core graphic design principles that include; typography, composition, and color theory. They are looking for a creative thinker and a team collaborator with strong typography skills. They are looking for someone that can work within the guidelines and able to work on several projects at once in a fast pace environment. Educated in pre-press and printing, color processing and web design are a plus. They are looking for experts in Adobe Creative Suite software, InDesign, Photo Shop and Illustrator. Photo composition with retouching skill are a bonus and animated flash banners. They also would like you to be proficient in PC and in Mac.
This job would actually be prefect for me and a great way to get my foot in the door. It is a 15-20 minute drive so even if it paid little it would be worth it because it is a great job to get my foot in the door. If I was to get a job in the city I would need to make at least 5 dollars more an hour for it to be worth my time with the time and transportation cost I would have getting to and from the city. I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia so I can always find work in the city. Over the past 7 years the jobs in the graphic design world have become more abundant.
But I would still like to create my own free-lance company. But I might be interested in working for a company for a few years to gain experience and see how that goes. I think my knowledge of so many different mediums of the design world and my ability to work with people so well will be extremely helpful in the design world.
Ultimately my goal is to work from home so I can take care of my children on my own and not have to put them in child care. With the extreme costs in child care it would defeat the purpose of me working and no one can take care of my children better then myself.
Why they are younger I would like to do personal photography sessions where I create my own hours. Then as my skills develop and I become more expose to clients I would want to reach out and offer my services on creating an identity and logos for new companies. And as I create my small core of clients then I would like to get in to designing and managing web sites. When my children are in school I can see myself working for a company with a more 9-5 job.
For the year of 2012 the average graphic designer in the Philadelphia area can make 64,000 a year. Anywhere the average salary a graphic designer can make is 38,000 but it increase to 71,000 being a senior graphic designer and can vary in-between depending on your strengths and the design skills you have. Right now when I was working I wasn’t even making 20,000 a year so taking this risk of going back to school is something that I need to do. Not only for myself but in order for me to support my children.
As I continue to do more research I am becoming more excited because I was unaware of how much you could make doing something I love. For my area on a low end a Web Developer will make 77,000 a year an average of 100,000 a year and on a high income it is possible to make 129,000 a year. After looking for more jobs and doing more research on the possibilities for a salary it is even more incising to learn as much as I can so I can be more valuable to my clients. If you think about it, it would be cheaper to hire one person who can do everything and pay them more then hire multiple people to do different but similar jobs. Money was never my drive because this is something I love, I don’t see as work and I have a passion for but it does make me thankful that I enjoy this so much I am good at what I do and it pushes me even more in this direction.
Since I was looking up salaries for web developers which is my overall goal I thought I would look up the salaries for a still photographer in my area. Since I am interested in it and it is more like a hobby but I think having that experience would be a good one to have I wanted to see how much I could make? On a low end you can make 36,000 a year an average 47,000 and on a high end 63,000. The area I live in Exton Pa pays less than the national average so I might look in to moving. Especially since the cost of living is so much. Now if I could find a place where I could make more and the cost of living was less then where I live now then I would be interested in moving.
Last but not least I wanted to see what the average salary was of some one that just had the knowledge of Adobe CS and what simply hired told me that the average salary held for knowing Adobe CS is 58,000. This gives me great confidence that I am making the right choice in brushing up my skills as a Graphic Design Artist and now that the recession is coming to an end it will be possible to find work in the desired fields I am interested in.
Most of the jobs I found don’t give a salary but they advertise a competitive salary with an optional 401 K with health insurance benefits and life insurance, in addition to paid vacations. These are extra bonuses that would be beneficial towards my family but I have gone so long not having these things that I don’t find it is so important especially since I am more interested in being my own boss and working for myself.
In doing my research I feel it is important to show casing all my strengths in my portfolio. I believe if you set limitations and not displaying your full potential as an artist and any other skills you have you could be missing out an opportunity. Anything extra on why something makes you better than the other person that they just interview and has the same education is going to be valuable. Doing as much side work to gain experiencing and trying new things you are not comfortable in will only help you grow. In this field there are no bounties. Clients and companies do have guidelines to follow. But it so important to be created and brain storm and take criticism from others while you work as a team.


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