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Design for Riordan Manufacturing


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Running head: Process Design for Riordan Manufacturing

Process Design for Riordan Manufacturing

Abstract This paper suggests a new process design for Riordan Manufacturing. This design concentrates on the major phases pertaining to the manufacturing of Riordan electric fans, from start to finish. This design incorporates a supply chain for the electric fans, while taking advantage of global openings in which Riordan Manufacturing can implement. Additional analysis of the present process pertaining to the production of the Riordan electric fans is presented. The new process design attempts to eliminate bottlenecks within the process in order to make the supply-chain as optimal as possible. A production forecast for the Riordan electric fans is included and a Gantt chart is included as well. Lastly, a cover letter is included which details the coordination of the aggregate operations planning and TQM for the Riordan electric fans.
Process Design for Riordan Manufacturing

MRP for Manufacturing The present process at Riordan Manufacturing is centered on the China plant, which applies material requirement planning to adhere to the material requirements, which then go through a collection process at receiving units in order to make its way to the molding unit. The assembly unit then receives the products, which are forwarded to the appropriate packing unit for appropriate handling. Lastly, the shipping unit handles the electric fans’ distribution. Riordan Manufacturing is concerned about scrap materials from the respective units. As such, there should be a reduction in the level of wasteful products from every unit; this, in turn, would lower the price of producing each fan. One initiative already commenced is the Hangzhou plant’s utilization of extra parts within its products that are customized. There are, however, additional concerns pertaining to

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