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Properties of Substances and Their Structures
(experiment B)


To investigate the empirical formula of a compound and to specify the empirical formula of a compound.


I predict that the mass of copper sulfate will decrease if heated / burned, because the hydrogen inside it will vaporize and therefore the mass of CuSO4 after heated / burned decrease.


Independent : CuSO(Copper Sulfate)
Dependent : Mass of curcible and magnesium; mass of curcible and magnesium oxide
Control : Same mass of empty curcible, sama mass of magnesium before burned


Name of compound | Quantity | Hydrated cooper(II) sulfate (CuSO) | 1 | Bunsen Burner | 1 | Tripos stand | 1 | Pipeclay triangle | 1 | Crubicle | 1 | Pair of tongs | 1 | Electronic balencing | 1 | Sand paper | 3 |


1). Clean up the crucible until there’s nothing in it.
2). Weight an empty crucible.
3). Crush the CuSO until it become powder.
4). Measure the magnesium (CuSO) about 2 g.
5). Put it in the empty crucible.
6). Heat it until 5 minutes and another 5 minutes until the weight of crucible +magnesium after each minutes become constant.
7) Repeat step 3 – 6 for the second trial.

Data Collection
After Burned and the mass is constant.

Trial | Mass of Crucible + Magnesium Oxide (g) | 1 | 55,19 g | 2 | 54,57 g | ∑Mass | 54,88 g |

Trial | Mass of Crucible + Magnesium (g) | 1 | 54,19 g | 2 | 53,78 g | ∑Mass | 53,99 g |


Mass of empty crucible = 52,38 g (A)
Mass of crucible + Magnesium = 53,99 g (B)
Mass of crucible + magnesium oxide = 54,88 g (C)


Mass of magnesium used =

(B) - (A) = 53,99-52,38 = 1,61 g

Mass of magnesium oxide formed =

(C) - (A) = 54,88-52,38 = 2,5 g

Mass of oxygen that combines with magnesium =

(C) - (B) = 54,88-53,99 = 0,89 g

To determine the empirical formula of magnesium oxide, carry out the four steps in the table below.

| Copper Sulfate CuSO4 | Hydrogen, H2O | Step 1: Mass of each element (g) | 1,61 g | 0,89 g | Step 2: Molar Mass of each element | 160 | 18 | Step 3: Number of moles of atoms (= mass/molar mass) | 0,0100625 | 0,04944444 | Step 4: Simplest whole number ratio of the numbers of moles in step 3 | 1 | 5 |

From step 4, what is the empirical formula of magnesium oxide?
So the number of moles of water per 1 mole of copper sulfate is 5


From the table above we can see that the original mass of copper sulfate and how much water it contains changes. In the result mention that the mass of empty crucible is 52,38 and the mass of crucible + magnesium oxide(CuSO4 + H20) is 54,88, and the mass of empty crucible + magnesium (without H20) is 53,99, it means that the mass of magnesium itself is 1,61 g and the mass of hydrogen inside is 0,89. And therefore my hypothesis was proven that some oh the hydrogen inside was vapouring.


The weakness of this experiment is some particle of Copper sulfate not perfectly become powder yet and it may affect the length of time takes to burn it.


My suggestion to make the copper sulfate become powder is to blend it with automatic stirrer for experiment that can create better result

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