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Born to welch school teachers in 11 of February in the year 1934, Mary Quant is a renowned welsh fashion designer and present day icon in British fashion circles. Quant graduated from the Goldsmith College in London with a diploma in Art and ventured in to fashion. She is credited with the popularization of the miniskirt, an outfit whose invention she is silently credited with. During the swinging sixties, her designs tailored from the miniskirt, managed not only to capture her clientele, but the swinging sixties zeitgeist. For this invention she so flawlessly and successfully popularized, she received the OBE (Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) award in the year 1966. As a design guru, Quant has inevitably developed long lasting fashion silhouettes in her artistic work of the miniskirt and the go-go boots. This is emphasized by the development of high boot and rain boot from the foundation laid across by Quant’s go-go boots. She has left her mark not only on the trends but also on a number of fashion designers whose work bear her mark such as Anna Sui, Betsey Johnson, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Marc Jacobs.
Listed among the top 100 designers of all time, Rudi Gernreich is idolized for being the first to develop unisex clothing and the famed mokini. An American fashion icon of the early 60’s, Gernreich was born in 8th of April in the year 1922 to Vietnamese parents resident in Austria. He received a number of accolades between the years 1956 to 1985 and helped revolutionize the swimsuit as well as provide an array of freeing undergarments and dresses for ladies. Not only did he overpower and overturn the fashion zeitgeist, but also became a gay rights activist. His designs in the underwear industry live on, as some of the more popular wear like the bikini find their way from the store shelves into women’s closets. This highly talented designer did not only dabble in fashion, but graced the food and furniture industry with his exquisite abilities. His design continues to inspire other designers, as is the case of Mariano Fortuny, who borrowed from Gernreich’s kimono in some of his designs.
Yves Henri Donat Mathieu Saint Laurent is a French fashion designer and icon commonly known as Yves Saint Laurent who developed his skill and talent working for Christian Dior, whose attention he acquired after winning in three of the fur design categories in Paris. Born on the 1st of august 19, the Algeria born designer set to work at the tender age of 17, but did not start his fashion adventure until after his short-lived attempt at joining the military. He is credited for transforming the haute couture a ready-to-wear. As a developed fashion icon Yves Saint Laurent is known to have left a lasting mark on the fashion industry and on designers such as Mark Jacobs, Jean Paul Gaultier and Miuccia Prada and. The logo YSL, common to his designer wear is still on most of today’s fashionable outfits adorned by the young generation. With designs such as the pea coat, the jump suit, the sheer blouse and women’s tuxedoes, his trend defying work is definitely still setting trends and will remain relevant in fashion.
Born in 8th of April 1941 and acclaimed for setting the pace for modern punk and new wave music designs, Vivienne Isabel Swire known as Vivienne Westwood, is a celebrated, outspoken and unconventional designer. Once a school teacher, her talents at design were brought into the fashion world when she met Malcolm Mclaren after the dissolution of her first marriage. Twice a recipient of the OBE in 1992, this icon who rode to fame in the seventies has inspired an array of talented designers such as Rodarte, Alexander McQueen, Jayne Pierson, John Galliano and Marc Jacobs. She has carried the punk and new wave culture she collided with in her era and has propelled it a silhouette for her design legacy.

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